W.S Greeter HUD_Pro

With this HUD Pro there are 5 greetings and 10 messages that you can customize according to your needs.
HUD Greeter will send greetings with random phrases you have chosen.
The W.S Greeter-HUD is an excellent solution for those who perform tasks in public places such as clubs.
You can customize the greeting and you have an automatic mode that will greet each newcomer avoiding to greet people who have already been greeted before.
This thanks to a vistual memory that memorizes the people already greeted and lets only newcomers greet.

-Automatic or manual Mode
-Choice of (whisper, say or shout)
-Choice of (displayname or legacyname)
– Expanded memory
-Choice to greet a single Avatar with custom message or random message
-Counter of Avatars in Land
– Counter of greeted Avatars

With this HUD you can enjoy the beautiful evening without the worry of having to keep an eye on the radar.
In this way, not only will you be freer, but the lack of repetitive greetings to the same people, will ensure that your greetings will seem real



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